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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I'm getting really frustrated with my diet.

Ever since I started working out, my weight loss has slowed to *nothing*, sometimes even a gain. I'm sorry, but isn't the point of working out to speed up weight loss?

So it's getting frustrating, because I need to see those scale numbers going down. It's the only way I have to measure any kind of success. I'm still wearing the same size clothes I was wearing when I started, so it's not like I can say, "Oh, it's working because look--I can fit into a smaller size." And you can't really tell by looking at me that I've lost weight.

Sigh. Maybe I just need to accept that I was destined to be a fat ass.

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Don't give up! I started dieting eating differently last April, and did not go down in size until this past October. And I was wearing clothing during that time *G*, and bought new things, I just hadn't redistributed weight. Give your body time to re-arrange itself. I don't know how much you would like to lose, but one thing I did learn this year (I'm halfway now, another year should do the trick of taking of the 100 or so pounds I want off for good), is that my body, anyway, would go along seemingly ignoring everything I was doing and then just suddenly - the numbers would drop. Then I'd plateaux for what seemed like fucking ever, then the numbers would drop. Etc.

You'll get there! {{{HUGS}}}}

I need to get down to between 100 and 110 pounds, so I've got a *long* way to go.

It was less frustrating to be giving up stuff I wanted to eat, going out to eat, etc when I could see the numbers on the scale moving downward (especially since they were moving downward while I was not lifting a finger to work out.)

But now, all of a sudden, I'm working out and every tenth of a pound has become a struggle. So the frustration comes from not seeing any results, yet always having to sit here and think about my eating plan, what I can and can't have, etc.

I might have to try the Anna Nicole route, and just start popping TrimSpa like there's no tomorrow. Or, just say "Screw the 1 in 200 death rate" and have gastric bypass.

All I know is the numbers better start moving downward *now*. I hate working out, and if I'm not seeing any benefits from it than what's the point?

But now, all of a sudden, I'm working out and every tenth of a pound has become a struggle.

It seems like a struggle because you're replacing fat with lean muscle, and muscle weighs more. Give it a couple more weeks and then you should be back on track.

By the way, are you weighing yourself daily or weekly?

Hey. Sorry I posted this so late - but do you seriously want to get down to 100 pounds? That seems very low. How tall are you?

And don't give up - exercise is good in itself. And obviously muscle mass weighs more than fat.

How long have you been working out? It sometimes takes a while to see results. And the longer it takes to lose the weight the better it will be for you in the long term.

I feel like I should be cheering you on - you've done so well already. You can definitely do this - just don't be impatient. :)

Well, I reckon the point of working out is not to get you thinner faster, but to make you fitter, stronger and better in yourself; with a side benefit of fat loss and shape change.

You've lost a LOT of weight and you might have just hit a little plateau; also, muscle does weigh more. I've decided to go by measurements rather than weight. I've stopped shrinking but haven't followed through with my attempted weight loss programme so effectively as I'd hoped, though I *am* exercising more.

You must keep going though! It doesn't matter if you fluctuate by two or three pounds and it doesn't matter if you have a little treat now and then. If you deny yourself fun then you'll get sick of it all and let all your hard work go to hang. It's hard, but I know you'll do it!

Your goal weight sounds pretty low. I don't think I ever weighed 100 pounds, not even at Officially Skinny (I was just under 9 stone then, which is about 120 or 130 I think. I'd be 30 pounds heavier than that now. At least.)

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