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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I doubt anyone will read or care, but....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I'm feeling much better today. Not 100%, but better. Far be it to me to encourage such behavior, but let's just say me and Kelly taking a page out of Craig and Smokey's book (from the movie Friday) last night mellowed everything out. ;-)

So, I'm just chilling, because I did get a good night's sleep which I hadn't had in about two weeks. Sure, I fell asleep at 9PM, which I haven't done since the 4th grade, but it's all good. And I'll probably be ready to eat today--my points tracker for the past two days has been blank, and not because I forgot to write anything down.

But, I'm still gonna be quiet for a bit--I haven't worked up to a squeeish mood yet. So I haven't read any stories or looked at any pics from Creation Con yet. I want to enjoy them, and when I'm not in a squeeish place, I can't enjoy them. So that'll be later.

Although, I did have a couple of funnies this morning. Someone at the MRMB posted a translation of a French article which has to be so made up I can't believe it. I thought aleora, Lexual, Mei, and chicklet would enjoy this bit:

"I am reasonable when it comes to alcohol, I think I have never been drunk in my life."

LOL! I thought you guys would laugh a bit at that. Cause we know *that* isn't true. I think they took quotes from Tom and KK and said Michael said them all. LOL!

OK. So I'm shutting up now and going back to being quiet. :)

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"I am reasonable when it comes to alcohol, I think I have never been drunk in my life."

BWAHAHAHA!!! Okay, if he really said that, then his definition of drunk is different from mine. He must mean to the point of puking in the streets, right???

Hehe--I knew you'd laugh at that. It went on to say stuff like, "I enjoy wine or champagne to celebrate" like he's all Mr. Gourmet or something! LOL!

I'm pretty sure the whole thing is made up, cause in the quote where he's talking about his new girlfriend, it sounds almost word for word the way Tom answers questions about his wife. So I'm guessing it's all made up.

I just read it. How can they print stuff like that and say it came out of the actor's mouth?? That's complete BS! Like him saying he couldn't handle the weather - uh, Vancouver isn't much colder than Indiana and New York in the winter.

Wow. Can I be a journalist in France??

Although, I have to admit, the French magazines always have the best pics of Lex...

I just read it. How can they print stuff like that and say it came out of the actor's mouth??

I have no clue. This isn't the first time I've seen a French teen/celeb magazine just make up entire articles. One time, when I was in Roswell fandom, a magazine like this ran some article about Jason Behr and Katie Heigel. Now, they *were* dating in real life, but they were one of those notoriously tight lipped couples. In fact, they never even admitted they were dating--people only knew about it because when they filmed parts of the show on location in Covina, people saw them kissing and such. But anyway, suddenly, this article in this French magazine ran this article that was filled with these gushy declarations of love for each other and some big flowery description of Jason describing how he'd proposed to her, blah, blah. It seemed totally odd, since they would never discuss each other even in a working sense in interviews here. Eventually, it came out that they'd never even talked to anyone from this magazine, and the interview was totally made up.

I think what they do is start with one quote that's true, and then spin entirely new quotes around it. Like they take Michael's "I like funny girls" quote and spin it off into an entire paragrah. What was weird about this one is they seemed to be taking quotes from his co-stars and saying he said them. Like the not drinking thing--that's something KK said!

And I pray Michael never said that KK's talent would lead to a brilliant career, unless he was being sarcastic. Cause I thought he was a better judge of acting than that!

Needless to say, this won't be showing up on mr.com! LOL!

Okay, I'm cackling at

a) you and Kelly sitting on a porch stoop smoking on some ish
"Puff, puff, give. Puff, puff, give. Kelly, you fuckin' up the rotation."


b) MR saying he's never been drunk.

Hehe--well, one puff at a time on the bowl is about all I can do, so I definitely wouldn't be messing up the rotation. After about two hits, I was down for the nite--it's been a while since I smoked *anything*. Almost a year, I think.

But Kelly did whip out her Smokey impression ("It's from the Earth. God put this here for me, and for you!")

And yeah--I knew ya'll would crack up about that quote, cause ya'll saw it with your own eyes! LOL!

(Deleted comment)
Haha! No! I don't like my neighbors, but I certainly don't want to horrify them with that image!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah...although I was glad I didn't see that! LOL!

Sometimes I think maybe my con going days shouldn't be over, but I'm usually so shy that I miss all the fun stuff everyone else is doing anyway. So my con stories are always boring compared to everyone else's.

(Deleted comment)
Hehe! Well, I can beat that--I was up in the room in my jammies falling asleep while watching Harry Potter and Scooby Doo on cable!

I guess I'll have to consider that making my own fun.

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