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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Welp, I made it through the receptionist's lunch break without chomping down on any of the cakes and cookies upstairs. But, when I came downstairs, one of the other people who work here had put some white chocolate (well, it was white chocolate flavored with mint) suckers shaped like frogs on everyone's desk.

The whole thing was six points, but I was having a sweet craving. So I took two small bites of mine (basically broke the feet off the frog) and estimated that as about 1/6 or less of the frog. I ate that and threw the rest of it away and charged myself a point.

But I felt guilty about eating it all the same. Damn these holidays, even the ones of my people! LOL!

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You made it through! Congrats.
Silly. Don't worry about that sucker. Frog legs are a guilt-free snack. I mean, six points for the whole thing? Don't you have a habit of underusing your points anyway? You should get yourself another lollipop. ;)

Hehe--well, the receptionist went home sick, so now I'm back up here for another half hour.

*sigh* I made it this long, I'm sure I can hold out for 30 more minutes. Although before, I hadn't had lunch yet, but now I'm not hungry anymore.

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