ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,


People in the office brought in goodies today for St. Patrick's Day.

Which wasn't a problem this morning, as my department is downstairs and the goodies are all upstairs.

But now I'm upstairs while the receptionist is at lunch, which means for the next hour I have to sit here and stare at some kind of chocolate-almond cake, chocolate cupcakes with green frosting (and according to my boss, chocolate pudding in the middle) and a big store bought chocolate chip cookie decorated with green frosting. I did mention that the sugary store bought frosting (the kind on cakes you get from the bakery, not the type you buy in a can) is my weakness, right?

Eeep! I'd better duck my head down behind the counter so I don't have to look at them sitting on the second receptionist desk....

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