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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
For whatever reason--a logical one doesn't seem to come to mind--they decided to install full length mirrors on the back wall of the women's bathroom here.

Well, isn't that just fantastic. Now I have to attempt to dart into and out of the stall at Wally West-like speeds in order to avoid seeing myself. Because I don't think my boss would appreciate me standing in the bathroom all day going, "Frizzy hair that looks like Bozo, no jawline or chin, eyes too close together, needs to lose about 250 pounds, hips too wide, shoulders too broad, legs too short....just generally dumpy and hideous."

Unless plastic surgery is going to start being covered on the company's health plan. If that's the case, then cover the bathroom in mirrors for all I care.

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I think you should cut out tons of pictures of Lex (and Clark and any other hottie you fancy) and paste them to the mirror. First along the outside like a frame, but covering more and more of the mirror until only a small oval is left in the middle.

*wink* I'm sure all the ladies in your office will much prefer looking at sexy men than themselves. I know it's true over here!!

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