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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Awww....John Glover can say the nicest things!
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I really like it when people have nice things to say about Michael. Like, for example, John Glover's comments about him from the latest issue of Starlog (scans available at DTS, along with some scans of some KK articles if you're into that.)

Anyway, John says:

"Michael is an amazing man. His mind is going a mile a minute all of the time. He spins in all kinds of different directions. He's also incredibly musical and funny. Michael is writing as well--all sorts of stories about his life and background. And he's a cut-up on the set, but he's found a way to use that to make his work more exciting and honest.

"What Michael does, it's strange because it isn't what it seems. He'll be joking around, but once the work starts on set, he's so focused and trying to find the gut of it that he surprises people. It looks like a mass of confusion, but he uses that to make [the material] fresh. He's in there working harder than most actors I know."

Squee! And John's been around a lot, so I'm sure he knows a lot of actors.

Anyway, the article is a good read, but the last page has some spoilers on it, so if you're unspoiled and stop on the 3rd page, you should be OK.

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Aww. That is so adorable! I can totally imagine Michael going from goofball to serious at the drop of a hat. Thanks for sharing that!

*hugs JG*

Uh-oh. My RPS comes true. *is afraid (but secretly rejoices)*

Dude, that's soooo great! I love reading stuff like that. *hugs Mikey and John* lol


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