ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Dear Adam....

When you have a secret ID or whatnot, you *really* need to come up with a cover story. Lana's really stupid, you see, so she'll believe just about anything. Just tell her your family testified against the mob, you were in the witness protection program, and the government had to fake your death after someone ratted you out.

Or something. Jesus.

Other than that, the episode was OK. Since I don't care one way or another about Pete, and think Sam Jones is the second worst actor on the show, I wasn't too grabbed by that storyline, although I did like it when Clark basically told him to fuck off at the end.

The best part by far was the Chloe/Lex scene. Can we *please* have more scenes with them together? Maybe AlMiles need to sit down and watch them. It's totally obvious that Chloe challenges Lex, but for some reason (according to those interviews this week) they seem to think Lana is the one who challenges Lex (last time I checked, going to someone and whining "Please solve my problem of the week" wasn't challenging, but whatever.) Since Lana has the intellect of a fruit fly, I can't imagine her challenging someone as smart as Lex, but Chloe seems to keep up with him just fine.

But the rest was just "meh." Didn't have me on the edge of my seat the way The OC did (although tonight was the first night I wanted to smack Seth. And not in a good way.)

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