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I wasn't as jazzed by Delete. It was OK, but not outstanding. It was like popcorn--it's OK while you're eating it, then you forget it when you're done.

I know everyone just loves Molly, but I found her annoying. I liked her better when I thought she was simply a business-like hacker, doing the job for Lionel, showing no remorse for killing people because hey, that's the job she got paid to do. I was less than impressed to see her revealed as a homicidal maniac headcase with self esteem and daddy issues. Blah. So if she doesn't come back, I'm just fine with that.

While I like Adam's ability to call Lana on her shit, what I don't enjoy is looking at Adam's hideous hair. I swear--IS has the worst receding hairline I've ever seen on a guy his age who isn't The Beek. How in the hell did they ever shoot shots with the two of them in Rules of Attraction? It would have been all forehead! Anyway, Ian used to be a hottie during his Young Americans days, but he doesn't appear to be aging all that well. So it distracts me during his scenes.

I did like the Chloe parts of the ep--I wasn't so sold by the "My cousin, Lois Lane" bit. I dunno--Max looked at Chloe like, "Is this a real name" and Chloe just put off some, "Yes, I'm making it up" vibes. Or maybe that was just me. But if it was just me, and Lois isn't interested in journalism, doesn't that kind of go against everything canon says about the character's past? I mean, I thought she was working at the Planet as a teenager.

I was laughing when the Kents tried to kill Chloe, because the only thing I could think of was, "Bo knows how to use a computer?" Also, it revealed Bo as the worst kind of family member--the kind that reads your email over your shoulder. How do I know this? Because, once the emails were opened, they locked and were unable to be reopened. When Clark saw the email address, he said, "Mom!" and ran off. So that email address obviously belongs to Martha. So she would read the email, get the "Kill Chloe" vibe, and set out on her mission. The only way Bo could have also gotten the vibe is if he was reading over Martha's shoulder, because once she opened it, it couldn't be reopened by Bo later. Bad Bo!

I did like the Chloe/Clark scene in the office at the end, although I would have preferred that Chloe fire back with, "And will you try to stop pushing people away" instead of just accepting that the problems between she and Clark are all her fault. Two way street, my friend.

And finally, I guess this means Lex really *did* lose his memory. So much for Whisper--Lex keeping Clark out of it had nothing to do with his remembering.

So, it was OK. I can't get as jazzed about Smallville, because there are shows on now (like Top Model and The Apprentice) that I'm a lot more jazzed about, I guess.

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