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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
OK, two degrees outside?

That's just not natural.

Someone send a heat wave to central Ohio, and quick!

My mood says "cold", but that's only because "frozen" isn't an option.

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We got more snow on Sunday, which then got rained on, which then froze, and now remains frozen.

I slid down the lane from the house this morning in neutral, hoping I'd hit some traction before skidding out onto the main part of Rt. 419. Sigh.

There are no words in any language for how much I hate this kind of weather.

We mainly got the ice--it snowed a little bit on top of that, but it's still all mostly ice. Luckily the roads are clear, but if Michael wants to come over and play ice hockey, my apartment complex's parking lot is the perfect place. They only plow and/or salt when forced to by law, so the entire lot is a sheet of ice.

But this morning, when I walked outside, I couldn't believe how cold it was. It's somethuing like 14 degrees, but with the wind chill, it's two degrees. It was so cold that the heat in my car didn't start working until I was pulling into the parking lot at work.

Today is definitely a good day to stay snuggled up in bed.

Come on! It's winter and it's invigorating. I hate the ice that lingers because people are too lazy to shovel it up but other than that, I'm ok with the cold. I like it better than the rain.

We could sure use some cold around here, it's damn near tropical.
Snow is a mistery to me.

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