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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Spoiler pics from Asylum
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Man...do I hate Lionel....

And aelora, just don't look at 'em at all.

Poor Lex!

Oopps! These frickin' cut tags! I tried to fix it as soon as I looked at the entry, but of course LJ has to be all friggin slow and shit tonight! Sorry! Hopefully nobody saw them if they didn't want to

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Oh wow! Shit.

This is going to be a humdinger of an episode.

Holy crap!

Eight more days! I'm not gonna make it. *g*

OMG my poor baby!! *cries*

*sobs hysterically*

I can't wait. Ale must come back from holidays at once, so she can compress and post asap!

I'm worrying terribly about my fantasy Clex. How can they survive this? I see they will have to deviate ever further from the, you know, show.


I already saw them. I bawled. Yep. Sat there and bawled. I can't believe that bastard can do such a thing to his son. I don't want to hear people out there telling me how he loves Lex in his own way. Bull. Shit. No one who can do something like that to their child has the ability to love within them at all.

And Clark? Don't get me started on him.

*goes off to be angry and bawl some more*

*contemplates not watching ep*

Nooooooo! *sobs*

He looks so shit-scared in the second pic. Clark, where the fuck are you?

i hate those pictures. i'm gonna be cursing and throwing things at the television during this episode.


jesus. I may need a bit of some emotional support after this.

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