ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

The world's spinning a little bit, but I like it, it's kinda like a ride

Only, I would like to get off the ride, thank you very much.

Oh, and Dayquil can stop putting "Non Drowsy" on their bottles, because that's a damn lie. I have almost fallen asleep at my desk several times since taking it.

On the plus side, my throat no longer hurts. Mainly because thanks to the Dayquil, I can no longer feel when I swallow. I can, however, still feel the chills racing through me, although I can't so much feel my arms and legs. I feel like one of those toy dolls where the arms and legs and head are attached by springs to the body, and they all kinda wobble separately. So that's making for an interesting day.

On the sad side, I don't know if my squee is broken because I'm sick, or because I don't care, or what.

But I tried to squee several times this morning, and there was nothing there. I just couldn't muster any fangirly enthusiasm for anything.

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