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I hope Michael got to go NYC over this holiday break, because Chicago has just been all over NYC this weekend! LOL! I saw them doing an outdoor concert on the Today show on Friday, while chasing the channels I saw they were gonna be on QVC sometime this morning, and then they're playing some club gig either tomorrow or Monday (can't remember which) all to promote the reissue of their Christmas album. It amuses me to think of Michael the fan-boy geeking out and chasing one of his fave bands all over NYC for a weekend. Hee!

We got our first snowfall last night--well, not a big snowfall, just a dusting, but some of it stuck to the ground. So it was very interesting to take Stanley out in that. In fact, it got me to thinking...

One of the things that I like best about kids is when you get to see them experience things for the first time. It's almost like getting to experience things you take for granted in a whole new way. Even though he's a puppy, and not a kid, it's sort of the same thing with Stanley. Like, the first time he saw the Thanksgiving turkey, his eyes got as round and saucers and his expression was, "Wow! What's THAT?" Same thing with the snow. And I had a good chuckle at watching him try to figure out what a marshmallow was (as well as a crouton and a cranberry.) Little things like that, which we totally don't think about at all normally, become really cool when viewed through the eyes of a kid (or in this case, puppy.)

Of course, given my age and the timetable I've set up for myself, I pretty much have resigned myself to the fact that I'm *not* going to get to experience through a child's eyes how shiny and new the world can I guess it's a good thing that a puppy is a reasonable subsititute, I guess.

But I swear, I've never seen anyone so excited by an 1/8 of an inch (if that) of snow before. I can't imagine what it'll be like when it *really* snows.

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