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First, for the record, Michael was spot on tonight. Way spot on. In the past, as much as I think he's just about the most talented actor the WB has had...well, since the early days of SMG on Buffy, he does seem to struggle a bit with playing "crazy". Crazy needs to be over the top without being over the top, you know? And I think sometimes, when Michael is playing crazy and he really gets going, he goes so over the top that it kind of becomes comical--for example, Island Lex wasn't too far removed from Adina's freakouts in Sorority Boys. Tonight, he got a handle on that. There were a few moments when I started to cringe and was thinking, "Oh no, he's getting ready to cross into way over the top territory" but he seemed to catch himself doing it and pulled back, just playing it beautifully all around.

I almost cried during the scene in the study, when Lex was talking about not wanting to go to a padded room--nice touch there by Michael, really making Lex's desperation come through with some teary eyes and a well placed voice crack.

I did cry at the end, when Lex was sitting there rocking back and forth. That image was the one that broke me, even though I'd seen it in the
promo pics. But seeing it in action....

I also thought Michael did a fantastic job of getting us to experience what Lex was feeling. Hell, as I was watching the ep, *I* started doubting what I was seeing, much in the same way Lex had to be having a nagging doubt in the back of his mind. There were times when I was thinking to myself, "Wait--*did* all those things (like the murder attempt) happen? Or were we just seeing them from Lex's crazed POV?" When you can get viewers so into your mindset that they're experiencing the same things your character is, that's some good acting. Same thing for the scene where he thought the Kents were betraying him--I really felt what he was feeling there as well.

A lot of people are debating if Lex intentionally was selling Clark out to the cops, but honestly--I didn't see anything vengeful about it, nor did I see anything vengeful about Lex's "You're not human" declaration. In fact, he looked almost happy, or relieved as he was saying it to Clark. It was kind of like that was the thing he was grasping at to say, "See...I'm *not* crazy. I was right about you, wasn't I?" And he babbles it to the cops to try and make them believe he's not crazy, cause in his mind, it's proof.

I'm still not too convinced Lex killed Julian. I thought it was odd how Lex kept pinning the waking of Julian on Lionel, and not anyone else. You know, if Lex went crazy after Julian's death, it could have been because what Lionel was doing to him tonight was also done to him after Julian's death. I mean, Lionel had to know it would work, and what better way to know that than through prior experience, right? Plus, I just hate to think they're trying to promote Lex as a killer even as far back as 11 years old. So maybe Lionel had something to do with it, and made Lex think he was responsible. Cause seriously--they need to start doing some stuff to paint Lionel as a true bastard, and not just someone who has a twisted view of love for his son.

Clark was OK--I wasn't really feeling him in this ep, but I did like his refusal to believe Lex was crazy until he had no other choice. Although I'm annoyed that it had to be Lana's injury that got him to that place. TW was OK, but Michael just so outshined everyone in this ep that really, I can't say really if anyone else was good or not.

Of course, there are a few nitpicks:

Once again, we have Lana shoehorned into the episode. The episode chugged along just fine without her, came to a bit of a halt when she was there, and then chugged along without her. And it's not my general dislike of Lana that's saying that. I'd *much* rather see Lana in an episode with a real reason to be there, and not just put in there so she can be in the ep, ya know? I mean, if Pete can be AWOL, so can Lana for an ep. Plus, if they're watching Chloe, odds are they're watching Lana too...I mean, they *do* live in the same house. I doubt they wouldn't notice Lana leaving.

Oh, and I was also a little annoyed that the Lex/Lionel scene at the end had to be interupted with a stupid CLana shot. We didn't really need to see that, since the talk Lana and Clark had in the hospital said and showed everything that needed to be said and shown about them.

How exactly was Clark going to explain the slumber party in his loft? Hiding Lex is one thing, but Lex and Chloe and who knows how many other people he'd have to put up there?

What was with Morgan Edge using his surroundings as justification that he's working with Lionel? Err...I thought you were a big crime boss, Morgan. Presumably, you'd have funds in cash stowed away and don't need Lionel to bankroll your living expenses.

That was one sturdy vase, if Lex was supposed to have thrown it through the hall window and it didn't break.

Someone needs to get the online promo coordinator and the commercial promo coordinator to, I dunno, get coordinated. Cause I *could* miss the last 5 minutes. Why? Because they'd released promo pics of exactly what happened ahead of time. So that was a bit of a letdown, only in the sense that I was expecting some big huge twist, and it didn't happen.

Oh, and UPN53 needs to get on the ball, because they showed half the ep in widescreen, and half not in widescreen. I want to see it all in widescreen, dammit!

But anyway, overall a great ep, and definitely one that showcased what this show *should* be about--lots of Lex, Lex and Clark interaction, and minimal CLana in the background.

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