ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

OK, so I got through the whole OC marathon

Which, by the by, the *best* seven hours I've ever spent with my TV.

I was watching with the hopes that my feelings toward Summer in regards to Seth would change, but they really didn't. While I like Summer in the later episodes (once they expanded her a little bit beyond the "You're from Chino? Eww!" one note persona) and I really like that she seems to have a real friendship with Marissa (instead of the phony friendships, ala someone like Holly) and I did like the little back and forth sparring between Summer and Seth in the last episode, nothing has changed in regards to my feelings that Summer doesn't deserve Seth at all.

And I'm still pretty strong in my feelings that even though she's only had one appearance at this point, Anna *does* deserve Seth. But it should be noted that I am an entire sucker for that "Princess Diaries" type scenario...aka, the whole "You saw me when I was invisible" thing. Anna saw Seth was someone worth knowing when most everyone else considered him a dweeb--she figured out his worth on her own in a way that had nothing to do with her. Summer, meanwhile, had to be *shown* he was worth knowing in a way that directly had to do with her (his little speech to her during "The Girlfriend".)

So, you know, I just always believe that the person who can see beyond what everyone else sees and can really see *you* for who you are (not just what's on the outside) just deserves your love a lot more than people who had to be knocked over the head to see the person that you are. And I still think Summer falls into the latter category. So while I'd like to see Seth and Summer become friends, I still don't think she deserves to be Seth's woman. Not just yet, anyway. Maybe later.

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