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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Reason #3,580,732 why I love The Onion:

Video Store Clerk Helpless to Prevent Charlie's Angel's Rental

Hee! Man, I went through that same type of thing when I was a video store clerk, only with ID4. At one point when that came out, I was actually praying some violent robber with a death wish would come in and shoot the place up so that I wouldn't have to listen to people reciting their favorite Will Smith lines in the aisles.

I hope most of my friends list have not died from those season three promo pics of Michael. :) Although, I do have to say, I still prefer the one I posted in my LJ the other day(like in my icon.) That's just because he does look kind like a regular goofy guy. That's my favorite way to see him, moreso than being all sexy and Lex-like.

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Hee! The link to the article was just the funny I needed. Silly boy does he not know the ONLY reason to watch Charlies Angels is because of Drew Barrymore...just mute the TV and look, dude.

Regarding the promo photos..yeah they are nice...but the pic that killed me recently is indeed the one you posted...like your icon...I want Michael with hair dammit!!

Yes, I am currently stalking your journal just so I can keep looking at that pic....just ignore me, I'm harmless...


I love that pic in your icon, but his teeth completely threw me off. I'm so used to them being pearly white and in their pic, they're so ordinary. Beggars can't be choosers though. ;)

Heh. I worked in an *arty-farty* video store, and people used to come in and go "Do you have Fellini's 81/2?" Whereupon I would lay about them with a large mallet and go "No! It is NOT available ON VIDEO! Now go away!"

I used to wish there would be an earthquake (in London) when one of the few vaguely cute boys who came in were there, so I could be all impressive with my earthquake safety skills.

Retail is exceptionally dull, isn't it?

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