ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

I've decided it's OK to celebrate my new car by eating a dish of chocolate chip ice cream and devouring the last Survivor recap at TWoP. Miss Alli makes the show fun again. :)

Oh, and I meant to post this earlier, but for those dying for a return to The OC (me!) be sure to check out that ET on MTV show next weekend. It's all about the OC, including--if the promos are to be believed--Adam Brody in a bathtub.

Someone may have to check on Slodwick after that one.... :D

I dunno if I'm gonna watch Justice League tonight. It's all about Wonder Woman, and I can't stand her on Justice League for some reason. Maybe I'll just spend some quality time with my new Onion book. Or the latest issue of US, devouring everything I need to know about Newlyweds.

What I won't be doing is checking my email, because it's broken again. Grrr. On the plus side, maybe that person won't mail me about the Maxim UK I bought on EBay, and I won't have to buy it after all. I'd like that. :)

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