ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Oh please.

I hate when articles like this come out, because they claim to prove something we want to hear, but they really don't. What they fail to mention is that the men who prefer brains over beauty *actually* prefer attractive women with brains over attractive women who are as dumb as a post. It's not some broad "We only like smart women" statement. It's not like men are saying, "We are more concerned with a woman's intelligence and don't even see what she looks like" or anything. Ugly smart girls still aren't going to get more play because a new study says men prefer brainier women.

Of course, I am a big cynic about stuff like this.I refuse to believe that a guy would choose to be with me based on *me* and totally ignoring that I'm not ever going to be classified as a looker by any stretch of the definition of the word.

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