ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Smallville spoilers--when jumping the shark isn't enough....

Hey aelora? I think these, which I saw mentioned on TWoP, trump those illogical spoilers we were discussing earlier...

These came from, and I have *no* knowledge of that site or their accuracy on spoilers, so take this with a whole pile of salt..

Jonathan Kent gets the powers to run fast and maybe a few more from.... JOR-EL!!.. Yes, Clarks real dad gives Jonathan Superman type powers to bring Clark back! Well Jonathan gets them from Clark's ship.

What? Ok, first, that kind of sucks from a story point because to me, as cliche as it sounds, Clark is supposed to go back with Bo because deep down, Clark knows he is *not* this rent-boy he's pretending to be and he loves the Kents and Smallville. He's not supposed to go back because he wasn't able to kick Bo's ass, nor is Bo supposed to find him only because he knows he can kick Clark's ass.

Second--how did Bo get powers from the ship? Umm...didn't Clark blow it up? Or has Bo had these powers for a while and has been holding back cause he'd rather have Clark do all the chores?

I think my head may explode from the illogicalness of these spoilers.

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