ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

I swear--I looked at the clock an hour ago and it said 2:00. This day is going soooooo sloooowwwww.

Maybe that's because I have stuff I need to get done when I get home--get the kitchen cleaned up, get my laundry started, deep condition my hair, answer some emails, I probably should look in on two other boards I mod at which I haven't looked in on all week, sit down and compose some questions just in case Michael is willing to do an email interview to promote the SV season premiere(I haven't asked if he's willing to or anything yet, but I believe in being prepared *before* I ask), get dinner started, and sit down to watch my summer guilty pleasure--Paradise Hotel. Hey, I can't miss that--Toni is back tonight and I have to see if she's on the up side of her steroid mood swing (meaning she'll run around screaming "Yahtzee! Game on!") or the down side (meaning she'll run around screaming "Yahtzee! Game on!" followed by bursting into tears.

So yeah--I've got a lot to do and this day is just a draggin.

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