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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Running commentary on the VMA's--Updated through the night...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I'm cutting it for those who want to be unspoiled:

I didn't think the opening was as exciting as they pumped it up to be, but it was OK. I have to give props to Britney--that took some guts. Why? Cause most of us never have to *see* the guy we lost our virginity to ever again much less stand there in a wedding dress and sing "Like a Virgin" in front of him.

Speaking of Justin...oh, you know he was thinking, "Damn...maybe I broke up with her too soon" when he saw that liplock with her and Madonna! LOL! He wanted in on that three way action.

And as usual, good opening by Chris Rock. I laughed at the "Paula Abdul juding a singing contest is like having Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest" joke. Yeah, it's un-PC...but I'm OK with that! LOL! I also laughed at the 50 Cent joke, but his girlfriend didn't like that at all!

Oh, and the Queer Eye guys are so adorable in the audience. They need to cut to them a lot more.

Re: Good Charlotte's performance

Me: (to my cat) I don't get why everyone's so into this band. They sound like a Green Day retread, only slower."

Chris Rock: "Good Charlotte? More like mediocre Green Day."


What? OK, I thought the purpose of the awards was to, you know, pick the video that looked the best visually, elevated the video art form, etc.

So tell me again why the visually cool Johnny Cash video lost to Justin's fairly wanktastic breakup video to Britney?

Color me confused.

Not really spoilery, but if I had a body like Beyonce....I think I'd love my life a hell of a lot more.

Is this just going to be "Metallica performs the hooks from other people's songs"? Holy shit--it was. OK then.

Oh, now they are singing. OK then. Cause I'm sure the people weren't going to be thrilled to just hear Metallica do the hook from "Beat It."

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Cause MTV can't get their tongue outta Justin's ass.

Me? Bitter??

No kidding! I mean, even though it was skanky as all get out, I thought "Dirrty" was a much better (and more interesting)pop video than "Cry Me a River" so I can't believe that lost to Justin as well.

Also, "Cry Me A River" viciously ripped off the title of a really GOOD and memorable and classic song.

I suppose it won because it had Justin doing strange bendy things off tables and whatnot. I don't get the fuss about JT, I really don't.

*bored voice* Wow, Britney kissed Madonna. Two chicks, that's so out there and barrier breaking and daring and avant-garde and artistic. Gosh. Next thing you know, every single TV show worth its salt will have a token lesbian kissing scene in it to show how non-homophobic and ground-breaking and risk-taking it is. Zzzzz......

Good Charlotte's performance

Me: (to my cat) I don't get why everyone's so into this band. They sound like a Green Day retread, only slower."

I don't know if a lot of the rock bands suck nowadays or if I'm just getting old. I couldn't say that I liked one featured rock band besides The White Stripes and Metallica (although I strongly prefer them with long hair).

I prefer to think that I am not old, and the state of rock is that most current bands suck. *g*

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