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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Bringing Down the House screencaps
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
I made some caps of Michael from Bringing Down the House--they're not super good, because my computer isn't the best at capping from the DVD-ROM, but I figure they'll do for now.

Go here for the caps.

ETA: I added a few more pics from Michael's last scene (where he's sporting the black eye.) For some reason, they didn't want to upload to my webpage earlier, but they are there now.

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Bad rug, great pics! I pick up my copy on Friday.

Bless you for posting these! :)

Dood, the wig is ugly and the suit looks horrible. It makes me appreciate the Lex look even more.

I dunno--I like it. It looks really bad and wiggy in the scene with Joan Plowright, but in the boardroom and office scenes, I think it looks pretty good. I definitely wouldn't kick him outta bed for wearing it. I prefer his natural hair, but it's no where near as scary as his SB wig.

I don't mind the suit. It's your standard lawyer issue. :)

And here--Jeremy didn't even recognize him. At the end, he was all, "I thought you said Lex was in this movie" and I had to go back and point Michael out. LOL!

man that wig is criminal.
So are the ties.
still, he makes it all look pretty.

Thank you! Those are some interesting ties. And by interesting, I mean ass end ugly.

You are so sweet to share.

I saw this movie a week or so before I started watching Smallville and never even realized Todd was Lex. LOL.

I love how he delivered the line, ``Don't drop the soap.'' Didn't he sound *just* like Adina? *g*

wow. cool caps. =)

the two of him in the floor knocked out are absolutely hilarious! and i swear one of the faces he made in one of the caps is reminescent of Adina.

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