ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Sex and the City

I just go around to watching this week's ep...

First, let me come right out and say it--I had some tears rolling down my face during the Harry/Charlotte scene. It seemed so sweet and romantic and all that I was almost sure we were seeing something out of Char's fantasy daydream or something. Anyway, I really got the sense that Charlotte had learned from her break with Harry, and realized what's important to her.

And when did Miranda become one of my fave characters? I think this season, she's really shining with her story. Although nothing there this week was as powerful as last week's icing escapade (I so, so, so related to her saying, "What did I think would happen? Steve would see how great I make cupcakes and be back in love with me?" because I'm definitely guilty of trying to make a few "cupcakes" of my own)it was still a storyline that had you feeling for Miranda. Loved how she kept it together enough to spunkily remind her bosses that when her mother died, she was back to work a couple days later.

I don't know what to make of the Sam storyline. I like it, and yet I don't. I liked this week a little better, because it wasn't filled with the same old "Blah, blah, we're fucking each other" innuendo scenes (like last weeks horrible "come and come and come in the bedroom" scene) although those scenes do give us a nice look at that guy's body. LOL! Although, I don't know if I buy the idea of little 12 year olds getting excited about an Absolut ad...even that one.

And finally, Carrie and Berger. I wanted to like Berger--he's the kind of guy I'd definitely be attracted to in real life. Unfortunately, sometimes those guys come with the whiny, babyish side, which is what we saw tonight and last week. I felt for Carrie when she saw the coconut and realized she wasn't ready for Berger to go, was happy when he showed up with the carnations, and pissed that he broke up with her by freakin' Post It note! A Post It note? Jeesh! Yeah, I'd be bitter too if I were Carrie. Loved the ending with carnations.

ETA: I just realized I was approaching the whole "12YOGs/Absolut ad" thing as a Midwesterner. Here, for the most part, girls would have to see that ad in the magazines, and I can't see them paying attention to the ads, even if they were pretending to be grown up and reading stuff like Cosmo versus something like YM or Seventeen. However, it has occurred to me that in NYC it's quite different--you're exposed to those ads via billboards, posters on busstops, etc. So I guess maybe those girls would have been exposed to the ads. Still would have been nicer if the girls were a little bit older.

All in all, a good ep. I'm really enjoying this season, much more than last season.

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