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It was pretty cool--I didn't think it was as good as the ones in Vegas (well, the one I've seen, anyway) but it was still pretty cool. I think the ones in Vegas are probably better as far as special effects and performers because they are permanent shows--I'm sure with the touring and stuff, they're limited in what effects they can do and who can do them.

I was kinda disappointed in the fact that the one nearly nude guy wasn't in the show for some reason--he was in the program, but that part was cut out of the show. My mom is going to see it later next week, so maybe he'll be in that one. I was looking forward to watching Jeremy squirm during that segment.

But overall it was good--the jumping rope part was off the hook, and the part with the girl who toe-pointed on the tip of the toepoint of the girl below her was crazy! We had VIP tickets, so we got some nice little snacks, and they gave us these really cool framed photos of some performers--not cheap or anything, because they're in these shadowbox type frames, where the picture is set way back from the glass, and it's all very arty.

Still, even though I think the shows in Vegas are better, I'd recommend going to see Dralion if it passes through your area. You really need to see these shows live to appreciate them.

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