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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Why I'm *not* upset about the spoilers....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
ETA: My cut tag didn't work the first time, so you may want to hit refresh just to make sure you don't get spoiled accidentially by viewing an old version of the page

Oh, and all my thoughts are based on the idea that the ep actually takes place 3 months after Exodus. I am assuming that's still the plan.

Lana: OK, everyone is upset that Lana goes to Metropolis and finds Clark. Don't get me wrong--I still can't stand Lana. But, it makes sense to me that Lana, who has just admitted to Clark that she loves him, would be one of the people involved in searching for him. The spoilers don't say that Lana is the *only* one searching for him. She's just the one who happens to find him.

But why Lana and not the Kents? Well, it sucks, I know, but in this instance, I think Lana is totally playing Xander from the BTVS ep "Anne":

Xander: (to Giles)Look, I don't mean to poop the party here, it's just, you get your hopes all up, and then it's just a big fat raspberry, and I feel bad.

Lana's there. She sees that the Kents are probably upset, because now they've lost *two* children. And she probably sees their disappointment when they go out after a lead, time and time again, only to come back home without Clark. So she gets a tip (I suspect by overhearing it from Chloe) and rather than running off to tell the Kents, she goes out on her own. Because again, she's playing Xander:

Xander: (to Giles): And what makes this different from the last nine leads?

Why tell the Kents about it, when odds are, it's also gonna be a big fat raspberry?

Lex: Now, the Lex spoilers didn't tell us anything significant, but that's probably because they are guarding that closely. I mean, we all knew Lex would live. But how? So I don't anticipate too many spoilers leaking on that one.

But it seems people are upset that Clark isn't looking for Lex. But, you know--Clark is wearing that red kryptonite. And he doesn't exactly care about Lex or anyone else when he's wearing it. In the past, he's been dismissive and cruel to Lex while wearing it.

I know, I know...everyone is gonna say, "But what about the 'I like the sound of that' line in Red." Well, you have to look at the lines around it. Clark strides in, tells Lex that he doesn't know the first thing about Clark, and that once he (Clark) shows the world what he can do, Lex is gonna look like a chump compared to him. Not exactly the words of a caring, loving friend huh? He only was all, "Lex, my buddy" with Lex when Lex told Clark what he wanted to hear--aka, "I'm not going to stop you." Clark was buddy-buddy with Lex as long as Lex was doing something to benefit Clark.

And then, of course, Rush. He was downright cruel to Lex there.

Clark doesn't care about anyone but himself when he's wearing the red kryptonite. It makes him a slave to his id, overriding the ego and the superego. And since the id cares only self gratification, Clark really wouldn't give a shit if he turned on the news and saw that Lex was missing and presumed dead.

So having Clark off doing his own thing and not caring about Lex makes sense, considering the situation we last saw him in. Now, if he takes off the rock, is informed about Lex, and doesn't care...well, then that's shitty writing.

But since the spoilers don't say that, I'm not getting upset about it just yet. It could be very possible that Clark is under the influence of the red kryptonite right up until the very last act, and it will be at that time that we see his concern for Lex, and subsequent eps will have him trying to find Lex.

So those are my thoughts. I'm not upset yet--but when the ep starts filming and more concrete spoilers come out, it may be a different story.