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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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(no subject)
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Is there anyone else out there who has mailed in a donation to the RMHC for Michael's birthday, but hasn't been confirmed by me yet (either through email or me posting it on the thread at the MRMB)? In other words, is there anyone out there who thinks their donation is either in transit, or they're dropping it in the mail today/tomorrow?

I need to know because it'll determine how soon I close the box. I was planning on closing it Saturday, but then I remembered Friday is a holiday so Friday's mail will be delivered on Saturday, and Saturday's mail will be delivered on Monday.

I know there were a few people who told me they were going to mail in donations, but I've not gotten anything or heard from them about it, so I don't know if I need to hold the box or not.

Sigh. I'm hoping somewhere out there are 6 people with $20.00 donations each whose letters are in transit, so we can match what we made at Christmastime. I hate to come so close and then fall short.

And, ya know--if you still want to donate, you still can--that Paypal thing is immediate. You'll get your name entered in the drawing for one of three prizes (well, they're all the same, I'll just have three of them.) And if it gives you a little extra incentive, Michael will have fondled and caressed* all three of them.

*OK, he may not have "fondled and caressed" them. Touched them, yes definitely, fondled and caressed, I don't know. What he does in his own home with them after they leave my hands is up to him.

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(Deleted comment)
Hehe..well, maybe I should flower up the language even more...

"It will be something that he'll hold in his smooth, yet manly, hands. Slowly, he'll run his long, slim fingers down it, softly caressing it the way one would caress their lover. He'll turn it over several times, making sure no part of goes unbrushed by his fingertips.

If it were an animate object, it would be blushing under his firm, but gentle and attentive touch."

Think that will get the donations rolling? LOL!

You make me wish I had a job. *faints*

Hee-hee! I wish *I* had a job!

But I am not putting my name in the drawing, obviously, so I'll have to live vicariously through everyone else. Unless I make *him* be the one to mail it all back to me, in which case, I'll have packaging that he touched! LOL!

Whew. If I hadn't donated already, I would have just done so!

Have you thought of doing advertising copy *g*?

Hehe--well, when I actually tell people what it is, I'm afraid they're gonna be disappointed.

I, however, am thrilled that he was nice enough to agree to do it when asked.

Shannen, if I send something via PayPal, will I be able to have anything sent along (i.e. a note), or will it just be my name added to a list?

Because if I can send an email to be printed out and sent with the package, I'll just PayPal it... otherwise, I'll have to mail something. And knowing me, that might not happen. *toes dirt*

Well, some of the people have been writing little notes in the "Notes/Comments" section of the Paypal thing, so I can add those on the card I'll print out if they're not too long. I mean, I can't fit long letters on there or anything, but a simple "Happy Birthday" type note that is a couple of lines long, I can print on there.

Well, I tell you what...

I just stopped at Meijer on the way home from work, and I bought a card. I'll drop it in the mail on Thursday, and hopefully it won't take too long to get over to the next state. *g*

Cool--I'll keep my eye out for it. It'll probably get here Monday, since Friday is a holiday. I don't think the cards will get to Michael before the 11th anyway, so I guess one day doesn't make a difference. :)

Shannen, I *think* you said mine went through in a LJ post, but could you confirm? Thanks!!

Yes, I got both your donation for this, and for the TWoP ad.

I'm gonna send thank you emails out for the Paypal birthday donations this weekend, so everyone should watch for those.

I hear fondle and carress and I know he's not Lex but all I can think is "pool cue"

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