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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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For the TAR fans...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
It's probably old news, but I was flipping through this week's TV Guide and came across this article--even non TAR-flies will probably find it interesting. And I so want to do #10!

1.There are four people per team, not two. Each pair is trailed by its own cameraman and sound technician, and the teams have to stay withing 20 feet of their crew at all times. "The simple rule I give the teams is 'Act like the crew are your kids,'" says creator Bertram van Munster. "You can't run away from the children." Not even when you go to the bathroom.

2.Teams are given credit cards to book their flights. There's no price limit, but teams must fly economy class. (And they have to make sure there are seats for their crew too.) They're not allowed to buy out the whole plane or buy tickets on multiple flights. "We're trying to avoid people buying $250,000 worth of tickets [as teams did one day in Season Two] because they want to cover their butts in every direction known to mankind," van Munster explains.

3. Extra clothing is occasionally provided. This season, finishing teams will travel to 24 cities in nine countries over 28 days; they must be prepared for all climates. However, in extreme conditions, the producers will provide such items as snowshoes and parkas. (Contestants measurements are taken before the race begins.) "We don't want them to have to carry all that extreme gear all around the world," says host Phil Keoghan.

4. The challenges are a lot safer than they look. The security of each challenge, from the bunguee jumping to the rappelling, is double and triple checked by experts. "[Safety] has to be 100 percent nailed down," Keoghan explains. "We've got to know that when [the teams] leap off a bridge--and even when they eat the cheese--they're not going to choke."

5. Cash for each leg of the race is always provided in US dollars. Whether in Italy or Mumbai, Keoghan says, "everybody takes greenbacks." Still, if teams ever run out of cash, they can tap their crew for a $200 emergency fund. "But it's like a Fast Forward," warns van Munster. "You can only use it one time."

6.Medical help is always around the corner. If someone gets hurt, there are doctors on call. "In every hick town, we know exactly where the doctor lives and how quickly he can get to us," van Munster says. When air traffic controller Dave wrenched his knee this season, a medic followed him down Italy's Dolomites on a snowmobile--but brave Dave eschewed help.

7. Certain countries are off the map in a post September 11 world. "We tell teams, 'You cannot connect through Baghdad when you go from A to B,'" says Keoghan. "Because if they had a choice, who knows if they wouldn't?" Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan are also off limits. Counterterrorism expert Bob Parr, a 25 year verteran of Britain's Special Air Service regimen (the UK version of Delta Force) is in charge of security. He's the one who decides if teams can sleep safely outside or if they need bodyguards in more dangerous areas. Nevertheless, Parr says, "This show sends out a great signal that it is still possible to travel the world safely and still have a great adventure."

8. Teams get exclusive access to some of those tourist attractions. Past locations that TAR producers have rented out include the northeast leg of the Eiffel Tower, the garden surrounding the Taj Mahal, and, this season, part of Le Mans racetrack. "One season," van Munster recalls, "we made arrangements at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro so we could put a cameraman inside the head of Christ!"

9.Phil Keoghan wears MAC cosmetics. The 36 year old host applies his own makeup--including face powder and bronzer--to get himself camera ready. "I have my own little kit, and I'm not always that great at putting it on," he says. "If I look really bad, it's because I'm doing it myself."

10. Strangers on the street order Keoghan to eliminate them... or as the show's enthusiasts like to say, Philiminate. From New York City to Singapore, fans ask him to announce, "You're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you, you've been eliminated from the race." And he'd better get it right. "If I don't do it with a serious face," Keoghan says "they direct me to do it again." Even stranger: "None of them has ask me to say they've won. Not one person."

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I love TAR! These were great! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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