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I'm almost finished with the third Harry Potter book. Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to, but I did.

I'm not sure if I like it or not. I sort of do. I liked it until I got to the point where I am now (Lupin and Sirus explaning about Scabbers) because it feels like the story is getting clunky and weighed down with all this explanation. As I'm reading, I keeping thinking, "Come on--get on with it already!"

But I'll keep trudging through--hopefully when they finish this long-winded explanation of things (which really could have been summed up in one paragraph) things will pick up again.

But hey--I can't believe I've read the first three books (almost) already and I didn't pick up the first book until about 6PMish Saturday night!

ETA: Finished the third book. It was pretty good except for that one part that I thought was clunky. I'm not really all that emotionally invested in Sirus--I was more sad to see Lupin go. I think I might hate Snape more than Malfoy at this point.

Still adore the Weasleys. Felt terrible for Ron when he thought Scabbers was eaten (and felt bad for Hermione too, what with Ron and Harry miffed at her for various things) and was happy that Ron finally got himself a little owl. And I'm dreading the arrival of Fred and George's last year. That should be in the new book right? Damn. Well, maybe they'll flunk a couple of years. LOL! Hogwarts won't be as fun without them.

Oh, I figured I might as well take this little quiz I found while cruising through LJ land...

You're Ron Weasley! You're a little shy, and
sometimes overshadowed by your friends. You
don't mind too much- you'd do anything for
them- but sometimes you dream of doing
something amazing to get YOU noticed. You're
enthusiastic and funny and your friends often
look to you for cheering up. Go Chudley

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey, works for me! LOL! And I didn't rig it or anything.


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