ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,

Quick reminder on the TWoP ads...

The $5.50 is for *both* ads. If we can get 20 people (or $100) (which I'm assuming we will) then we'll run both the Lex ad and the Michael birthday ad. If we only get 10 people or so ($50.00), we'll only run the birthday ad.

When you contribute $5.50, you're automatically contributing toward running both ads. Some people contributed $5.50 twice, thinking it was for both ads, but that's not correct. If we get at least 20 people to donate, then the $5.50 covers the cost of both ads.

I haven't accepted any of the payments sent yet, to give the people who may have mistakenly donated twice a chance to change their payment if they wish. If you know you donated $11.00 and you're fine with that (since any extra money will just go to Michael's favorite charity anyway) then just let me know and I'll go ahead and start accepting those payments.

Oh, and you've got until July 5th to make the payment--I'll buy them on the 6th and they're supposed to start running the following day according to the folks at TWoP.

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