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Michael/Lex TWoP ads

OK--it looks like the TWoP ads will be a go. If you want to see them, just go down to my last post.

My plan is to make Michael's birthday one link back to his website, and make the Lex one link back to the Michael thread at TWoP. Is that OK with everyone? I'll probably have the ads run the week of July 7th-14th, so we get the whole weekend of Michael's birthday and all.

I set up my Paypal account to accept credit card payments, but they charge a fee to accept credit card payments. So if everyone who will be paying by credit card contributes $5.50 for the ad, that will cover the contribution and the fee so that I don't have to cover it (cause I'm a little too broke to do so.)

So anyone who wants to contribute can Paypal the money to:

Anything we get over and above $100, I'm just going to stick in with the donations to the Ronald McDonald House for Michael's birthday.

Hope this works--I'm always very wary of Paypal...

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