ShannenB (shannenb) wrote,


I hate my neighbors!

Their stupid teenagers don't seem to understand that they don't need to leap on every stair like an elephant, and thump on the walls at the same time.

And my other neighbor just got a new Wolfsburg Edition Jetta. No fair! That's what *I* want, dammit!

I hope both their rent checks bounce! ;)

Also, according to chicklet73, I am *so* not Michael's type. I already knew I wasn't tall and blonde and willowy and Southern, but I also do not possess dimples and am not sassy. Sigh. I have to get out of line now.

Hmm...well, where is the line for guys who like short, fat, squat, not really all that pretty redheads with freckles and a sense of humor that ranges from goofy to cuttingly sarcastic? It must be hidden somewhere. Like the clubs in LA that don't have signs and you just have to know where they are.

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