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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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More interviews...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
chicklet73 decided to interview me:

1) Do you believe in ghosts?

Hmm...not really. Not in the "We're coming back to haunt you" way or anything. I'm sure there probably are spirits that watch over us and try to guide us, and people have had some creepy ghost stories that creep me out, but I can't say I really believe in ghosts and hauntings and the like.

2) What is your most creative way of expressing yourself?

Excessive swearing! LOL! Sad, but probably true. I'm not much for creativity--I don't really write things like fiction anymore, I don't do fan art, I don't paint or play music or anything else. I appreciate it in others, but I'm not creative enough to do it myself. All my fic that I've ever written sucks, which is why I stopped, and I can't even draw a straight line, much less do any kind of art.

3) Are you a morning person?

Oh hell no. I used to be--I remember when I was like 12 or so, and I'd go visit my mom in North Carolina and I'd be up at 7AM, watching the sun rise over the trees behind the house, and the morning was so calm--it just had that new day smell and feeling that I loved.

But now? No. I generally don't function at all before 10AM.

4) If your house was on fire, and you could only save one object (non-living, family and pets don't count), what would it be and why?

Probably my computer, or at least my hard drive. I figure that for now, I'm a long way from being able to afford a new computer, and my entire life is on this one (or so it seems.)

5) Are there any words you hate?

Yes. I hate the word "Dood." Mainly, because it's spelled "Dude". That particular spelling with the two "o's" just makes me grit my teeth every time I see it.

And maybe this doesn't count as words persay, but I *hate* when people substitute numbers/letters for words....you know, when people write stuff on message boards like, "Will U B going 2 the mall 2-day B4 school?" Gah! God, just type the words. Do you really save all that much time typing the number 2 versus the word "to"? Unless you're a slight, skinny man with a penchant for purple who resides in Minneapolis and goes by the name of Prince, you are not allowed to write like that.

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Seriously...I can't stand "Dood". Just looking at it sets my teeth on edge.

According to the dictionary, Dood is an acronym for Deductive Object-Oriented Database. So unless people are calling me a database, it's "Dude". ;)

It's right up there with my pet peeve about lining your eyes with eyeliner on the inside rim of your eye. *shudder*

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