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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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TAR Thoughts...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31

OK, Reichen & Chip? Get over yourselves already. I can't stand when people use that old, "Well, we were going to be moral, but since they weren't, we won't be" line. Plus, the whole "They started it" argument? Only works in 6 year old court. You're all at the train station, the train leaves at the same time for everyone there, so what have you accomplished by grabbing ahold of the doors like a tempermental pair of toddlers? Nothing except getting on my list. You're lucky that I'm still annoyed by Team Model and Team NFL Wives more than you, though.

Cindy? My God. You are pathetic. I mean, props for standing up for yourself with Russell...however, the fact that you're doing it in conjunction with "I love him. He's so smart" statements is annoying. If you're making him think he's so smart and whatever he says is just fantastic and all, then of *course* he's not going to consider your opinion, since your opinion is always, "Whatever you think is best, Russell-Wussell."

Team Model? Stupid, stupid, stupid to be fighting loudly in front of the other team. Way to let them know your weaknesses. Same could go for Cindy and Russell too.

Steve and Dave get props for correct usage of a Fast Forward. They are injured, well over 50% of the teams (if not all, I can't remember) were already moving toward the roadblock, and there was going to be definite bunching since everyone had to wait around for the roadblock to begin. Plus, it wasn't a physically demanding Fast Forward. And now, you can get probably at least an hour, maybe more, head start on the other teams when you start the next leg.

As for the gondola vs walking...I dunno. On one hand, it doesn't do any good to take the gondola if you don't know the directions. On the other hand, the gondolas seem very tourist-trappy to me, so odds are the guys on the boats speak English (later proven by Amanda, who asked her boat guy--in English--if he sang and he nodded and began singing) which would make directing them a lot easier. Plus, it does give you some time to rest, which is always a plus, since you never know what the next activity will be. While asking locals (during the foot-race) for directions could prove faster, any time you gain is probably lost by running around asking people if they speak English (unless you speak Italian.) So to me, it didn't feel like one was obviously more advantageous than the other. Which is what made it a good detour, because you're never quite sure which to pick.

Speaking of the detour--Jon, way to be an ass. You have a compass for a reason, doofus! Why was neither of them bothering to even *attempt* to ask for directions? Gah! And I now fully believe Kelly browbeat Jon into marrying her, what with her marriage/zip line analogy last week, and her "I must show him our married life together can be as exciting as his bachelor life." Honey--men who *want* to get married probably don't need constant convincing that it's gonna be a great time.

Loved Millie in the roadblock. Girl, that's the way to do it--grab their faces, and say, "Hey--let me look at you." Much preferred over wandering around all confused, like Team NFL Wife.

Although, I was annoyed by the whole, "Our stamina and determination outshine everyone else because we are virgins" philosophy Millie and Chuck are pushing.

Still, I was kind of sad to see Amanda and Chris get to boot (although cackling that it was Chris's fault, after his whole "Hurry the fuck up" tirade at Amanda last week.) I would have preferred to see Team Model get the boot, but what are ya gonna do? I guess they can stick around so I can take glee in their self destruction.

Or is that too mean of me?

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I thought the dumbest thing about the gondolas was that everyone seemed to be following each other around. Not generally the best way to win. (Especially, as you pointed out, that they were following around the people who got lost in Dodger Stadium. Ah well, I at least got a good laugh out of Chris complaining that they were last and then it turning out that they were first when everyone got lost.

I actually hate Team Model a little less this week. Tian was pretty smart by stopping the people with the masks to check them. And she got excited about getting the clue which I thought was fun.


Although I didn't mind Chris and Amanda getting eliminated. Isn't Amanda the one who couldn't stop swearing?

Regarding the virgins, I'm hoping they end up on a tropical volcanic island and the other teams sacrifice them. (Okay, I'm burning in hell for that thought).

I know, it kinda sucks that Amanda and Chris are gone, I'm so going to miss Amanda's dirty mouth. Not so much Chris' pissy-ness, though.

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