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Damn you, Victor Garber.....

How dare you beat Michael for the Best Supporting Actor in a TV series at this year's Saturn Awards?!

Yeah, yeah--I'm sure you're good and all, but I have to be biased against anyone who isn't Michael. :)

On the plus side, at least Kristin Kreuk didn't win best actress, so some things are still right with the world.

If anyone's interested, the major TV winners were:

Best TV Series: Alias
Best Syndicated/Cable Series: Farscape
Best Single TV Presentation: Taken
Best Actor/TV: David Boreanaz (Angel)
Best Actress/TV: Jennifer Garner (Alias)
Best Supporting Actor/TV: Victor Garber (Alias)
Best Supporting Actress/TV: Alyson Hannigan (BTVS)

Faces of the Future Award: Emma Caufield (BTVS) and Nathan Fillion (Firefly)

You can see the film and DVD winners at

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