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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Fandom Garage Sale!!
chris smile
This post is open, in case people not on my friends list are interested, or in case friends refer people not on my flist here.

Anyway, I was cleaning out some stuff in my office, and have a few things I probably should get rid of--magazines mostly, although a book and an autographed pic are in there too! Pretty much all Supernatural, save for one random Justin Hartley pic!

Supernatural Magazine
My subscription to the SPN magazine just lapsed, so I see no reason to hold on to these. I have all issues, 1-18:

All magazines are in good condition--you can tell some of the earlier issues have been read so they might have some minor dog ears on the corners, but nothing major. Issue #9 does have two minor rips on the cover thanks to the USPS. The later issues probably haven't even been flipped through (heck, the last two are still in their shipping bags.) Magazines contain all pages and posters--I never took anything out of them.

Prices are:
Regular issues: $5.00 each (retail $7)
Issue #9 : $3.00 (due to the rips)
100 page issues: (issues 3, 6, 10, 14, 17) $10 (retail $10)

Shipping to US addresses is $5.00 per two issues and will be shipped Priority Mail. If not from the US, contact me at shannenb1234@yahoo.com for a shipping rate.

If you want to buy the whole lot, contact me for price and shipping.

Issues: all issues are sold

Other Supernatural related magazines
*If you're buying some of the SPN magazines, there will be no shipping charges for these--they're all thin enough I can slide them into the Priority envelope.)

April 10 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring 4 page article on Supernatural.
Price: $2.00. Shipping up to 2 magazines (non priority $2.00, $5.00 for priority.)

May 5, 2008 issue of TV Guide feat. Jared Padalecki as one of TV's Sexiest Stars.
Price: $2.00. Shipping up to 2 magazines (non priority $2.00, $5.00 for priority.)

June 30, 2008 issue of TV Guide feat Jared Padalecki as one of TV's Hot Bods. Will also include the May 26 2008 issue of TV Guide which has a little pic of Jared in the TV Guide Photobooth.
Price: $2.00. Shipping up to 2 magazines-free one doesn't count toward total-- (non priority $2.00, $5.00 for priority)

Misc SPN Stuff

John Winchester's Journal. Hardcover. Brand New condition.
Price: $8
Shipping $5

Supernatural Origins #1, Rising Son 1 & 2. Rising Son comics bagged and boarded.
Price: $5.00 for lot.
Shipping $2.00 non priority, $5.00 Priority

2008 SPN calendar. Would be good if you want the pictures. Still has the centerfold poster. Only thing on the calendar are the stickers on each month reminding me to give my dog his heartworm pill, but I doubt you'd want the pages with dates from 2008 on it anyway! ;)
Price: $3.00
Shipping $5.00

Oversized(I think it's like 15" high, 10" wide) pic of Justin Hartley from the Aquaman series. Paid $15 for it at con. Comes with hard plastic protective cover.
Price: $5.00
Shipping: $5.00

Oversized(I think it's like 15" wide, 10" high) autographed picture of Jared Padalecki. Paid $15 for the picture at a con, was autographed in person by Jared at the second SPN Eyecon convention in Orlando. I personally had it autographed so I can vouch for the authenticity. Comes in a hard plastic protective cover. The picture has not been out of the cover since Jared autographed it.

Price: $25
Shipping: $5.00

Paypal only for payments--if you want something, comment and I'll let you know where to send the paypal payment to. Oh, and if you can, please choose "Personal" under the Paypal payment selection so there are no Paypal fees.

And don't forget--I still have a Gold Ticket, Row D seat 21 to the Chicago convention on sale here. The auction ends on 7/27!!

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Hey Shannen, I'm interested in the last 3 issues of the SPN magazine.

Issues 16, 17, and 18?

It would be $30 total with the shipping.

shannenb1234@gmail dot com is my Paypal address.

Thanks Shannen! Just sent the money.

Thanks! I'll mail them out on Monday!

How much would you charge for the rest of the Supernatural magazines you have left, 1-15?

Umm...well, if you bought them all I'd knock a little off over what I'd get for them all individually, so how about $80 for the rest of them, and it'll probably cost me about $15 to ship them all.

Let me know if you want to do that.

I definitely want to do that. I have the shipping cost in Paypal right now, though it'll take a couple days to get the rest into it (the 29th), so I do understand if others already have the money already available.

No, the 29th is fine.

My paypal address is shannenb1234@gmail.com

Alright, just sent the money. Thanks for your patience!

I got it, but there was no shipping address. Please PM or email me your address so I can send them out to ya.

If issue 15 is still available I'll take it. :P
How much would it be for shipping to Canada?

If the person who posted above you doesn't buy all of them, I'll sell it to you. But she did offer to buy the lot first, so I need to wait for her to respond.

I think the shipping for Priority to Canada should be the same, but I'll check.

Sounds good. Let me know. :)

Looks like she's going to buy the whole lot. But you might check Ebay--I see single issues on there all the time.

I'll make sure to do that. Thanks anyways!

Depending on what happens with Written_Within, Im interested in the same thing (add the EW issue and meeebbeeh the journal) and can pay you tomorrow.

Looks like she is going to buy the whole lot of SPN mags, but if you're still interested in the journal and the EW, I can fit them both into the same envelope for one $5.00 shipping charge for Priority.

Oh man, you should have totally researched those SPN mags before listing them here! I would have told you that's what I did if I had known that you were selling them. I sold the first issue on e-bay for $60 and I think the 2nd and 3rd went for like $40 or $50 each because they are very hard to get in mint condition.

I hope someone gets your con ticket! I'm sure SOMEONE will, it's too great a seat to pass up.

Hope things are going well for you!

Got my mags yesterday! Thanks so much!!!

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