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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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The countdown to Denver....
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Things I have accomplished today

1)Got the picture I want Michael to sign to print off in an OK fashion

2)Went out and got some cheap foundation since my Clinique doesn't seem to want to blend lately.

3)Finally got the blistering shoes situation taken care of.

4)Finished printing off some mini blue Chicago logos for...well, whatever. :D

Stuff I'm in the process of doing

1)Breaking in my new jeans (I hate that stiff new jean feeling)

2)Testing out my shoes to make sure the blister situation has been really resolved.

Stuff I really need to get doing
1)Finish cleaning my room so I can find stuff

2)Finish my laundry.

3)Iron some of my stuff (also, do you think the hotel will have an iron? Sometimes they have them in the rooms and sometimes they don't.)

4)Start trying to pack.

I'm going to try and make myself go to bed right after Smallville tonight.

Oh no...I just realized this means I'm gonna miss Angel! It airs on Thursdays here! Nooooooo! Well, you guys will tell me what happened, right?

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Clinique doesn't blend and cheap stuff does?!

God God, woman. Ain't it always the way. I have yet to mount to the heights of Clinique, but mercifully I'm not a big foundation fan anyway. I only use it for stage in the main ( and that is heavy thick Kryolan stuff. Probably the same stuff they use on Michael's head).

If they don't have an iron in the rooms, I'm sure they'll have one you can ask for - don't most hotels have a laundry room to share?

I just finished packing for my work mystery trip and have achieved absolutely nothing, workwise, this morning. I have no idea if what I took was appropriate, since we have no idea where we're going. Only thing we do know is, we're not going overseas!

Hope you have a lovely time at the Con and do give Michael a coy goopy look for me! Looking forward to your posts when you return!

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