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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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As we prepare for the SPN con this weekend....
chris mens journal
And the inappropriate questions that will undoubtedly slip past the moderators, just remind yourself it could always be worse. Like this,for example:

*facepalm* The question in the popup box?(It starts at about :45--if you don't want to listen to them previewing an album cut--when Nick starts laughing and Joe is all "Oh my God!") That was the question that was asked. See, the JoBros do their video chats on Facebook, and every time you submit a comment or a question to the chat, it lists that comment/question as your Facebook status (which would explain why last Saturday, my normally dead Facebook suddenly contained strange statuses such as "What was your favorite part about filming the show?" or "Joe, your costumes are my favorite part of the tour!). So anyway, when they got that question, they didn't read it, but Joe said the name of the person who submitted it. Someone tracked down their facebook, matched the status update time to the chat time, and saw the question that they had submitted which the guys couldn't read out loud because of content.

So yeah...just remind yourself SPN fandom....someone could be asking *that*! LOL! In fact, I can't believe someone hasn't *already* asked that, to be honest.

ETA: Oh, and this was an previous chat, not the one from last weekend.