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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*stares at calendar*
chris mens journal
You guys, I am RIDONKULOUSLY excited about tomorrow night. Even though I have been getting made fun of in the office all week.

I need some way to make time move faster.....

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Have an awesome time!

I will! I heard it's a really good show!

I hope it's everything you hope it will be. Good luck in your quest to TOUCH JOE!

It will be, I'm sure! I saw their tour buses outside the hotel this morning(it was unexpected, because it's a hotel a couple blocks from my office) and I about peed my pants! LOL!

Oh, awesome!! I'd be really excited to see the tour bus too (not necessarily of them, just of bands in general). You should stroll by the hotel at lunch.

I wish I could! I have to work through my lunch today to leave early for the soundcheck party.

But trust me, this morning I was totally gawking! :D

How did you score getting in for the soundcheck party? That's awesome.

My friend has the VIP tickets, and they come with soundcheck tickets.

Hopefully Joe will dress up, but I'm thinking not. He hasn't the past couple of nights. They were on Radio Disney last night and someone called in to ask about the costumes. He said the birthday cake one was custom made for him by the people who make their stage clothes, but the other costumes they have to rent. So he said sometimes it doesn't work out, because they have to plan it all out and call ahead to see if a rental shop in town has a costume he wants to rent while they're in town. Since this leg of the tour is ending(I think the two shows in Ohio are the last US stops, then they have a couple more in Canada) he probably isn't bothering to get costumes anymore. :(

Well, that really worked out for you! Sweet.

I'd personally be happier without the costume...so you can see his ass better.

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