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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
The new promo for Supernatural?

Made me look forward to the new season, and and kinda made me want to go back and rewatch season 1 & 2. Mostly because the promo is dramatic and srs bsns, which I want. Basically *not* what Kripke has been describing the season as(again, Kripke...you are NOT Joss. Stop trying to be.) I think from now on, I need to just ignore Kripke entirely, because he usually just ends up turning me off in his interviews.

The new promo for Smallville?

Made me want to go back and rewatch seasons 1 & 2 and then just pretend the show got canceled then. Cause shit, yet *another* season of Clark Kent: Alien Jerkwad? I thought they had moved past that. The past couple of seasons, I'd kind of enjoyed not hating Clark for being an asshole. Looks like that's coming to an end.

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I definitely agree. That promo was EPIC. And yeah, I've been ignoring Eric for a while now, cause he only manages to piss me off most of the time. He seems to think he's all that and he spends way too much time and effort trying to fuck w/ the fans instead of delivering something that's actually good.

Don't watch Smallville, but from the little I see of the last 5 minutes every week before SPN comes on, it REALLY should have been canceled long ago.

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