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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Er...why the date change, Creation?
chris mens journal
So it looks like they've moved next year's Chicago SPN con from November to October (8th, 9th, and 10th 2010). Kinda weird, since it's always been tradition to have it in November!

It doesn't say any other info, including venue or anything. I'll be ticked if the tickets go on sale before November though, because Chicago was the one SPN con I was going to go to next year and I was hoping we'd be able to reupp and keep our seats from this year's con.

Wonder if they'll keep it at the sketchy hotel that last year's and this years is that, or move it back to the Hyatt,or try another hotel. I liked the layout of the this year's hotel, but it was also kinda sketchy (hi, giant spiders in our room!!)Plus, I know people didn't like to pay for parking, and there weren't a lot of choices of places to eat. I did like the free airport shuttle though. The Hyatt was a lot nicer, and had those cool common rooms on each floor where we could all hang out, but it was pretty far away from the airport.

But at any rate, at least it didn't have the porno bathrooms of the Orlando hotel! I don't know whether we were the only ones who got that room twice, or what.

So peoples going to Vancouver next weekend--keep an ear out for that info!!


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I'm already kinda mentally preparing to shell out $500 for a 2010 Chicago con if they will announce both boys over the weekend. Hell, I'd probably do it regardless of any guest announcements since that's kinda THE SPN con for me, y'know? I kinda want to start and end at Chicago.

I'd rather it be at a different hotel. That one was kinda horrible. I miss the Orlando Hotel and it's ease!

Yeah, I'm going to be prepared to reup as soon as we register--I mean, if we know we're going, we might as well, ya know? Especially if they do the breakfast thing again based on when you re-register. And we already know at the least we have good seats unless the venue changes and that changes the Q&A arrangement.

Chicago just works well for me as an SPN con as well. It's a lot cheaper to get to, the hotels aren't too ungodly priced when I use my AAA and book through the hotel instead of Creation, and I don't spend a whole day getting there.

Other than the weirdly mirrored bathrooms we got, I did like the Orlando hotel best. Everything was right there, lots of places to hang out...just needs Chinese food closer!

I do want to consider going to Comic Con next year though as a bigger trip. I keep thinking next year will have some big stuff--the first of the last Harry Potter movies will probably be pimping there, and there has to be some new Trek movie info, and all that.

Yeah, I loved our seats last time so it'll be nice to keep them 3 years in a row hahaha. We need to talk sometime about if we want to spend a couple extra days in Chicago and which days. I don't have Fri or Mon classes, so I could do a Thurs-Tues thing or something?

And yes I still want to try and make it to ComicCon one year before all my shows end and I still have a chance at meeting people I've never seen before. It was going to be this summer, but obviously with the dig, not. :P

It's for my BIRTHDAY!!!

But...October 10, 2010 is on a Tuesday...hmmmm...

No it isn't. It's a Sunday.

ETA: I think. *makes sure I didn't pull up 2008 by accident*. Nope, it's a Sunday! :)Haha, Jensen and Jared will show up for you on your birthday! Unlike Jared standing me up on my birthday! LOL!

Edited at 2009-08-20 05:34 pm (UTC)

HAHAHAHAHAHA I am such a dumb ass! I was looking at the wrong YEAR!!!!

10-10-10!!! I'll be 33 :)

Haha! that's right--10-10-10! That day won't come around again for 100 years, so the celebration has to be extra huge!!

OMG, that's right! Your birthday is on the last day!! OK, that settles it--we all have to go. It'll probably be the last *big* SPN con, so we have to all go to celebrate your birthday!!

If they moved it back to the Hyatt, we could all go take over Houlihan's again! LOL!

Oh man, that was fun!!!!! And yes, DEFINITELY going!!!!!


Mmm...I still think about those domed Snickers ice cream things we had! Mmmmmm.....

YUM - it was all so yummy...now I'm craving their chicken parmesan!

Hahah--you know, I think you get a free entree there on your birthday or something when you join their email club. ;)

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