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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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The state of...things
chris mens journal
I totally busted my ass at work yesterday, and cleared off about 2 days worth of work in 4 hours, so I'm taking it easy today (I hope!)

First, let me get it out of the way....*tiny squeee*....less than a week to go now!!! I turned in my request for an early out on Wednesday, so the countdown is officially *on*! LOL! Of course, I had to fess up to my co-workers *why* I was taking off early, but they all just shook their heads and said, "You and your pretty boys!" LOL! It's true--everytime I take off, it's to gawk at pretty boys! Still...less than a week! I'm so excited I could pass out! :) I need to find somewhere to download the album before the last one, so I can learn all those songs too and not just the couple I have on my ipod.

Remember a few weeks back, when I thought I had pinkeye? Turns out it wasn't pinkeye after all--it was cooties from and/or an allergic reaction to Optifree contact solution!! It was so weird. I mean, normally I would use Target/Kroger/Walmart brand solution and would have no problems. But I got these new contacts, and they're not the Oyasis kind, so they seem drier. The eye doctor said I needed to use Optifree, so I spent $10 on a bottle and then had to throw away three pairs of contacts (luckily, two of them were my old ones) and wear my glasses for weeks because I thought I had pinkeye! I switched to this solution called "Clear Care" which has a special case, and you can't rinse your contacts off with this solution because it has hydrogen peroxide in it and it bubbles all up(which is neat to see.) As soon as I started using that, my eye problems cleared up in like two days and I haven't had problems since. Then my co-worker told me that her eye doctor said he stopped recommending Optifree because he'd noticed a lot of patients got eye infections after using it. Good to know.

I'm also looking forward to Friday, because it's the last of Stanley's every three days allergy shots. Whew! After that point, we go to every 10 days, then by October it should be every 20 days. Then we go back for a three month re-check in October. He seems to be doing OK, but I don't want to say we've turned the corner yet and then jinx it. He had a couple of flare ups of the bacterial infection, but we got him back on the antibiotics and they seem to have calmed down. I've had him off of those since Monday, and I've been checking him every night and I don't see any new areas or reflares, so hopefully we got it. We'll probably have to pulse dose him with antibiotics on the weekends forever, since I don't think the bacteria has gone away. We're just keeping it at bay.

I decided to still take a couple of my previously planned vacation days next Friday and next Monday. Friday, I have my doctor's appointment (so he can yell at me for being out of my heart medication since the first week of the month, which is when my appointment was originally scheduled and also yell at me for not getting a pap like I said I would sometime in the last three months...but, we're on an HSA plan now, so I really can't have two doctor's appointments in three months. It'll exhaust my HSA balance.) Then, on Monday I have to take my car in to Mazda, because the master switch for the windows on the drivers side is broken. They better not pull that "this is trim, that warranty is expired" bullshit!

I think that's all. I guess I should try to do some work today, just so I don't fall behind again and then have to not get off early Wednesday! That would make me sad!!