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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Dear DVD Companies
chris mens journal
How about getting together and planning your TV DVD release dates so I'm not bent over in a single day???

I mean, today 3 shows I watch all come out on DVD: Gossip Girl Season 2, The Simpsons Season 12, and Greek Chapter 3.

And it doesn't get any better from there! Supernatural, Fringe, Heroes, JONAS, and 30 Rock all come out in the next month. And *somewhere* I feel there has to be a new South Park season, because we're due for one.


I know Smallville comes out this month too, but I've reduced that down to the "wait until it goes on sale for $20 somewhere" bin, especially since I have them all but haven't opened up a set since Season 3! LOL!

I might have to just wait on Gossip Girl until it goes on discounted sale. I mean, I'm committed to getting all bajillion seasons of The Simpsons even if I'm in a nursing home by the time I have them all. And Greek is usually cheap because it's only 10-13 eps. But if I get them all, it'll be about $100. And since I just dropped about $80 on Blu Rays this month (getting both I Love You Man, and 17 Again, and then the JoBros concert film and Camp Rock) I probably shouldn't do that again so soon.