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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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It's funny, the networkings people prefer....
chris smile
I wonder why we gravitate toward one social networking site over another. They seem to be pretty much love them or hate them. Like, I see a lot of people hate Twitter. I myself hate Facebook and love my Twitter.

I guess for me, it's for a couple of reasons--I love the random yet immediate nature of Twitter. I love that I know right now, Kim Kardashian is on a plane to San Francisco, or that Perez Hilton is babbling abotu Celine Dion being preggers again. And yet I also love that once I read those, I can discard them from my mind because here comes the next set of tweets.

And I love that Twitter makes no bones about it--it's 140 characters, dammit. That includes spaces and punctuation, so you better think about how to say what you want to say before you say it.

So I'm a Tweeter, and I love it. In fact, I'm kinda irritated that Twitter changed their front page to appeal to the masses because people complained they couldn't figure Twitter out. It's like, if you couldn't figure it out, I don't want you there! Keep Twitter as the realm of the cool kids, and Facebook can be where your parents go.

Myspace, however, will continue to be where all the pervs hang out. LOL! Does anyone even use a MySpace anymore?

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I'm kind of stuck here, this is my main place and probably always stay that way, my friends are all here, I've been around for 6 years now...but I got a facebook and a twitter too, but I already realize that it will never grow on me the wy LJ did, it's just sth. I check maybe 1 or 2 times a day and sometimes post but that's it. Twitter I do like, especially since you can have those little box on the side and folow it, but what I really really hate is Twitter on Lj, you know like the posts that have dozens of onesided posts. I mean I don't get it and i think it's annoying, and isn't it like all out of date anyway once they appear there?

Oh, I do use LJ as my main blogging tool--I just celebrated my 7th anniversary last month, so I can't see not sticking around for a while.

But I just like the immediate and disposable nature of Twitter as a quick tool. I use it to communicate with people, make plans...it really has replaced email for me for the most part. And that's what I like about it.

But yeah, I don't get people posting their tweets to LJ. It's dumb, because by the time you post them, it's all expired anyway.

Facebook book is way to public for my liking. MySpace IS for the pervs!!

I like LJ. I like being able to lock down what I say and I like that I have the freedom to rant and ramble for as long as I want.

I HAAAAAAAAAAATE Twitter LJ with a freaking passion.

Yeah, Facebook is a bit too public. Even if you lock it down, every person you hated in high school finds you and now wants to be your friend. It's like, I haven't talked to you since high school for a reason! That, and the clutter. OMG the clutter. I hate scrolling through application/game things--25 Things About Me, I just sent you a cocktail send one back, etc,etc just to find out what someone's status is. That's why I like Twitter--I can find out what you're doing without wading through 20 people listing their top 5 favorite puppies before they tell me how what they're doing.

Yeah, I'll never understand the people who copy their entire timeline of tweets to LJ.

ETA: I use my Facebook now for exactly 2 things: checking in on my sister when I haven't heard from her in a while, and using it when the JoBros have Facebook video chats. That's pretty much it.

Edited at 2009-08-18 03:41 pm (UTC)

That's exactly why I hate FB. I hold grudges and if you didn't talk to me in high school why the hell would I want you to do so now? I unfriended a shitload of people the other day.

LOL. I'm not even on Facebook...but I've lost track of the number of invites I've had to it. I do like to read thru twitter...but really don't ever feel like I've got much to say back. Well my posts here have gotten down to only once a week now instead of daily any more either. And yeah I still have MySpace but it really was only so I could keep up with music and such...


I have days like that--somedays I tweet nothing, other days I'm a tweeting fool. I think it just kind of is part of the Twitter experience...you make it what you want.

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Hahah--that's funny! You only have 140 characters, so let it all fly and don't beat around the bush! LOL!

But you can admit the real reason you love Twitter...mrosenbaum711. LOL!

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