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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Two Thumbs Up!
chris hug
Ya'll need to buy or rent Zefron's movie, 17 Again. Even if you hate Zefron, it's really funny, and you will not hate Zefron after it, trust me.

And if you can get it in Blu Ray all the better, because he's also very pretty. Even with 1989 hair.

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You did! And it was--Tom Lennon cracked me up! The part where he showed up after Zac had the fight, and he's dressed like a Depeche Mode reject? LOL!

I thought Zac did a great job--not only with the comedy, but with selling the emotional parts too. I'll admit it--I welled up a bit when he was talking to his daughter, and just flat out had tears when he was giving that speech in court.

And yes, he was pretty, and even freakin' prettier in Blu Ray! ZOMG!!

I did get choked up during some of his emotional scenes as well. He NAILED that courtroom scene.

I'd laugh so hard any time Tom Lennon just showed up on screen. He was hilarious in that movie. Are the special features any good? I'm waiting for my copy to arrive!!

If you won't tie me up and make me watch JoBros shit I'd be coming to Dublin and forcing you to let me watch Zac on your HD tv!!

Pfft---I wouldn't tie you up and make you watch JoBros! You'd only have to watch it if you weren't gone by 8:30PM Sundays when JONAS comes on (or whenever the ep pops up early on my Disney on Demand!)

OK...I might make you watch Camp Rock. But that would be it! LOL!
Besides, if you ever came up, I have enough Zac to have a movie marathon--I've got HSM 2&3, Hairspray, and now 17 Again. See??

I haven't checked out all the special features yet--just one that was all about Zac, and everyone was very complimentary about working with him. But there is a ton of stuff on there, and it seems chock full of Zacness!

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