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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I'm too lazy to think of a title...
angry chris
*I sat down last night with plans to watch 17 Again right after dinner, but instead fell asleep and didn't wake up until it was too late to start a movie. *fail* I'll have to save it and watch it this weekend, I think. I also got I Love You Man, because I really liked it when I saw it at the theater. Anyone who is a fan of bromance, I highly suggest this movie.

*Sucks about the set tours for the Vancouver SPN convention being cancelled. I keep hearing all these different rumors as to why. Wonder if the real story will ever come out? On the plus side though, maybe now they can bring Metallicar to the hotel, and *everyone* can purchase photo ops with her, and not just the people laying out $350 on a set tour. I think that is what they should have planned for originally, and then people on the set tour could have had their photo taken in Bobby's house or panic room, or in whatever cheesy motel room set Sam and Dean were staying at that week.

*My favorite time of year is starting up again--college football is in the air!USC is coming to town, and while I fully expect OSU to get beat due to the fact that we don't pay our players, it should be a good game. And I don't know if Jim Tressel is trying to psych USC out or what, but I call bullshit on the story that Terrell Pryor ran a 4.33 40 yard. Don't get me wrong, the kid is fast and I've been saying for a while now he's the next Vince Young:The College Years, but ain't no way he ran that. The kid is 6'6, 235, solid muscle(he put on a ton of muscle in the offseason) and someday he's gonna lead the Buckeyes to the Promised Land (just not this season, OK? This is Texas's year, dammit!)...but I don't think he ran a 4.43.

And things are churning along nicely at Texas. Colt's back, Shipley's back, so 2/3rds of my UT Trifecta are returning (*sob* Are you sure you had to graduate, Quan Cosby?), Sergio Kindle will be busting some heads on defence, the pre-season ranking is #2, Texas Tech is in Austin this year and they *will* be paying for costing UT a shot at the championship last season, we all know now that OU can be beat and beat soundly....I think things are trucking along just fine in Austin. Now, please don't play tOSU this year. Thanks.

*I saw the new pics of Jared. He's still looking fine,although...I hate those jeans. Why so baggy, Jared? Am I just too used to looking at guys in skinny jeans now?? LOL!

I am disappointed that Jared was in LA and yet didn't go to the Teen Choice Awards. I mean, F13 did win an award--maybe if he'd been there, it would have been televised because someone was there to accept it. So I don't get why he didn't go, unless....well, obviously, he was afraid to be photographed standing next to the hotness of this:

LOL! *pets Jared* It's OK Jared...you're still pretty cute too.

*Speaking of Joe Jonas, he's going to be in a movie! He got cast for a role in some movie with Julia Roberts, and a bunch of other people....including Taylor Swift! Awkward! It's some movie called "Valentine's Day" and it seems to be kind of a "Love, Actually" type of film or something. Each set of characters will have their own storyline, and Taylor's already filmed hers (with the werewolf dude from Twilight) so I don't think we'll have to worry about Taylor trying to scratch Joe's eyes out on set or anything.

*Does anyone read it when I post JoBros stuff? Cause I feel like all my friends are avoiding me now! It's not swine flu--commenting won't make you like the JoBros, I promise!

*Guess I'd better get to work. Everytime I turn around, someone is behind me trying to sneak a file onto my desk!!

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Not avoiding...just don't have much to say about the Jonas Brothers...

Aww...I try to mix it up and put up stuff that isn't just "Ooh, Joe is hot" but also stuff that's just plain goofy so that non-fans might get a random kick out of it too....you know, stuff like pink gorilla suits.

Maybe I'll have to spend the $40 to join Team Jonas so I can squee over there and still keep friends interested here. Hmmm...

I'm also kinda hoping they still manage the impala pic somehow, since that was the only real reason I was interested in the set tour, but no way could I have afforded that.

I think maybe Jared is trying to distance himself from the "teen" market these days so he doesn't get stuck there forever and never taken seriously. I mean, he showed up every year for several years and made it very clear that he's thankful to the TCA's for helping him get his start, but I don't blame him for wanting to move on at this point. And I have to disagree about the jeans he was wearing in those new pics. Mmmmm YUMMY!!! *drools*

And tbh, I usually scroll by your Jonas Bros posts. I really really do not care for them at ALL (kinda like Efron, and I know you love him too, lol) so I just don't subject myself to the posts so I don't get annoyed, lol. But I do read your other posts and comment when I have something of worth to say. :)

Aww...I didn't realize I was annoying people with my Jonas posts. Maybe I need to just private those posts, or make a filter or something(which would probably just be me on it since I'm the only fan I know) instead.

Although, I will probably have to post about the concert outside a filter!

I dunno about the Jared pics--I only looked at the one that was outside a cut. I'm having a hard time getting excited about anything SPN these days. Hopefully by the time the Chicago con rolls around, I'll be more excited.

Well, it's not that YOU'RE annoying me, just that I get annoyed by them in general, lol. But there is a difference, so don't think I'm mad or annoyed w/ you or anything, cause I'm not. You can post whatever you want cause it's your journal, I just mostly scroll by the Jonas posts so I don't end up wanting to hit things. Call it a preemptive strike, if you will, lol. I'll just stick to reading/commenting on your RL or Jared/SPN/Glee posts. :)

There might not be that much SPN, unless the show really *grabs* me. All the crap that's gone on in fandom over the summer has made me start to be less interested in the show, I think. All the tinhats shrieking "They're fucking!" and the tinhets shrieking "No they are not!" has really started to grate on my nerves to the point that I wish Ted C would just drive off a cliff and STFU. It's started to tarnish the show for me to the point that as of now, I'm not even going to be watching it live. I'm planning on watching Fringe, DVRing SPN, and watching that *after* I watch 30 Rock and Community. Oh, and the results show of SYTYCD. :)

That's why I'm mostly taking the summer off from SPN. It feels like right now I have to *force* myself to be excited about it, and when I had to do that for SV, I ended up completely walking away from the show for two years. I kinda don't want to do that with SPN, so I need to take a break from it. Of course, the dangerous thing is you find something shiny and new (JoBros) and it makes it much harder to get re-excited about the old toy, ya know?

Hey, just happened to see this post, but if you need a place to squee about the Jonases, check out callusfreaks! It's about everything Jonas, and gets updated all the time :)

I tried to join that, but membership is closed. :( I left a message on the one open post asking if membership was open or how to join (since it says it's closed but moderated) but I didn't get a response yet.

Which, everyone I've talked to has told me that's the place to be, so I definitely want to join!!

FYI--LOVE the icon! LOL! Thank God that was a wig! LOL!

I do read you're JoBro stuff...I just dont anything intelligent to add!

Jared does look yummy!!!!

Yeah, I heard Jared was in LA that day. He was seen grocery shopping with Genevieve or something.

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