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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I beat my cable modem into submission! I switched some connections around, and it seems to be working, so hooray!!

Anyway, some pics of the arrivals at the Teen Choice Awards are up at Getty Images--I'll keep watch (as I'm looking for Joe pics) to see if maybe Jared shows up too!

Right now, they just have Britney, a few other people, and that chick from the LA Ink show (Kat whatever) who looks uber creepy as a blonde. DNW!!

ETA: They're starting to repeat pics from people who were there earlier, so I'm guessing the arrivals are over. No Jared.

Why does Rumer Willis always look so....mannish?

Kristen Bell's outfit is cute.

Has Brenda Song's head always been so huge?

Thanks for rolling out of bed, >RPattzz. Hope you're not bothered to be here. I also wish there would be a throwdown between you and Joe over you stealing his woman. LOL!

Jeeze photogs...there are more people here than Britney, you know. Although I will admit, she looks pretty good. I mean, she's wearing a dress three sizes too small, but she kinda looks like Britney before she had her meltdown.

Aww...Amanda Bynes. I adore her!

Seriously DNW!!!! And yet pics of her keep popping up!

Aww Lea Michele from Glee. She looks so pretty. But big no to them cutting out Cory, who looks like he's standing behind her. I know he's tall, but come on!

Where are the JoBros? And Zefron?? I'm tired of all the unwashed RPattz pics!

No, when I said I wanted JoBro pics, I didn't mean Frankie! for crying out loud!

Ashley Tisdale looks so different with dark hair!

Oh noes! Watch out, Nick Jonas! Kim Kardashian is here, she's newly single and she probably doesn't care that you're not yet legal!!

Hey Miley, try to dress trashier please! LOL!

YAY JOBROS!! Joe, stop wearing lime green please!

KStew and RPattzz apparently both refuse to shower! LOL!

More and more JoBros! I can't believe Kevin let Joe out of the house wearing tennis shoes with a suit, but since Joe is supposedly emotionally fragile these days (thanks Camilla!) maybe he was afraid to say something.

Awww, Joe. Couldn't decide to wear your hair straight or curly? I don't care, you're still pretty.

Umm....is KStew's skirt covered with spikes??Yes.

I do not understand this person's outfit

Nick Jonas keeping an eye out for Kim Kardashian sneaking up on him.

Kevin is also there, ignored.

Selena Gomez looking cute, maybe a little too dressy

Zefron has arrived. He has pretty hair too

So has Vanessa. With clothing.

Chase why do you look so old?

Damn Taylor from Twilight putting on all that muscle made you have the worst case of bowlegs ever!

Corbin I miss your giant fro.

WTF is Mike Tyson there scaring everyone???

Hayden, pretty in pink!

Sorry Rory...the dress you wore to your first dance at Chilton with Dean was much better!

Oh hi Joe Jonas!

Mmmm...pretty! Jonas fangirls work fast--that pic just came out and Jonas sites already have unwatermarked versions!

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Who is that in the last picture?

It's Kat Von D. She's a tattoo artist (obviously) and she has this show on TLC called LA Ink. She's always had a ton of tattoos, but as you can see on the show's site she used to be mildly pretty. She had dark hair and didn't look so cracked out.

But here....*shudder*

I'm kinda bummed Jared wasn't here. This is twice now, right?

Yeah, he didn't go last year either. Kinda makes me sad--he and Joe in the same room would have been fun for me!

Yeah, I'd have liked to see new pics of him. Although it wouldn't be the same without Sandy by his side. I wonder why he's passed the last couple of years though? Scheduling conflicts or no desire to attend, or maybe they don't want him there... In any case, I'm curious.

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