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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Teen choice pics should be out sooner than normal
chris mens journal
I don't know if Jared will be attending or not (but I hope so--I always liked that he didn't forget where he got his start and would still attend the show when he could and I's love to see pics of him and Joe together!) but if you're watching for pics at the photo sites, I wanted to give ya'll non JoBro fans a heads up to check for pics earlier than normal. The show is probably taping sometime in the early afternoon because believe it or not after hosting the show...the Jonas Brothers then have a regular concert scheduled for tonight as well. They usually go on stage around 9pm local time but the show starts at 7:30 so I'm guessing the guys have to be done at the TCA by then.

So in other words look for pics soon.