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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris fall by rainbowkisses31
Welcome fellow Michael fan gradeafan to Live Journal land, won't ya?

In other news, how in the hell am I gonna pack for Denver? I am incapable of packing light. This should be a challenge.

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Thanks for the Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome Shannen! I'll try not to be the annoying little newbie sister asking you for all kinds of advice, and I promise it will stay our secret that you "sired" me here...oh, oops, did I just post that for everyone to see??? tee-hee... Regarding the packing light thing....I always use the logic that if I get there and don't have it, what a great excuse to go shopping and buy something new!! And you wonder why I always manage to come home with more than I left with....but you will need to replace whatever room michael's gift is taking up in your bags so be sure to remember souveniers for yourself!


Hmmm. How long you going for, Shan? I'm a terrible packer, myself - I forget things like underpants and toothpaste and nightgowns.

Personally, I am in favour of the "capsule travel wardrobe", so - a pair of comfy nice pants, if you wear pants, or similar skirt; some kind of light top that goes with said pants/skirt; given that it may be cold, a sweater to go over said top; comfy casual shoes that can be worn with this outfit. Plus, warm socks etc.
Then, a smart jacket or overshirt type thing for use with the pants/skirt and top; a different eveningy top; different eveningy shoes; and maybe an easily packed, not wrinkly dress which can be worn with either pair of shoes. Plus a good warm overcoat or jacket.

Almost everything I own is black or red or pink, so they pretty much all go together and I can seriously mix and match when I bother to try.

Cosmetics wise, may I recommend some kind of makeup removal wipe? I forgot my cleanser this weekend - and I was wearing stage makeup! - and a friend gave me some wipes to use, and I got my face totally clean with ONE of them. And they take up no room! Fantastic! I will pimp them till the end of my days.

Anyway, I hope you have an AWESOME time, and if Michael recognises you and grabs you, would you pretend to be me for two seconds?

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