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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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angry chris
This summer, Jimmy Fallon has had me in stitches with one thing. Late Night was dismal in the beginning...then came the glory of 7th Floor West, Late Night's own reality show. It's just like The Hills, only with more photocopying. But just as much silent staring. In hallways.

It's actually pretty damn funny--witness the drama at the pizza party, in which Jimmy's nemesis arrives with....quesadillas! Or when Jimmy's new assistant is secretly...photocopying.

The real scene stealers have been without question...The Roots. They love to get their pizza party on, and hate drama!

Tonight is Part 1 on the giant two part season finale of 7th Floor West, with the highly anticipated office beach day party. If you've missed anything, or just want to catch up, last week was a helpful clip show. So sit down on Jimmy's thinking chair, and get caught up with the goings on at 7th Floor West:

Although, I highly would suggest going to the link above and getting caught up on all 9 episodes (they're only 5 minutes long!)because there is some funny shit in there!

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I love Higgins in this and when Questlove is all, DRAMA! and that's like his only line.

I should have a Jimmy Fallon icon.

Also, did I tell you, the LAte night account follows me on twitter??? I don't know wHY!! it makes me weary of posting about slashiness.

Hee! "Does this shirt make me look too Sugar Ray?" LOL! Or when he made Jimmy guess how many pieces of pizza he ate! Hee!

I follow them, but they don't follow me. Nobody famous that I reply to ever replies back. Maybe I need to change my profile picture so I'll look more "reply-able"

well, Wil wheaton retweeted me once. it was kind of awesome. But Jimmy Fallon's show has never said anything back to me. :)

I just have the one of me as a blonde, but I could use my boobs one if Iw anted followers.

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