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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Speed up week!
chris mens journal
It's the first week in August, so that means the Teen Choice Awards are this weekend. Wonder if Jared will make it this year? If so, maybe there will be some new pics by the weekend. Has there been any since the show started up production again? I can't remember. If he does go, wonder if he'll bring Genevieve? Bleh. Their pics won't be as cute as the last time he and Sandy went, I'll tell you that much! LOL!

But regardless, I'll still enjoy looking at pics from it, since it's like this year the event was made just for me....because look who will be hosting the show:

Hee! Aww, Kevin, who put that over your face? *g* Hahah, I kid, I like Kevin, I just don't see him as anything other than a fabulous shopping buddy! LOL!

ETA: I have to point out that Nick? Is also so totally "Kevin: Ignored" in that picture. It cracks me up. He's got one arm around Joe (you can see his hand on Joe's shoulder) and the other hand on top of the surfboard next to Kevin....even though Kevin and Joe both are holding the surfboard at the bottom and have it under control. Nope, Nick is all purposely "Kevin: Ignored" which cracks me up. Joe and Nick seem to do that all the time to Kevin, and I don't even think they realize they are doing it. Which makes it all the more funny.

So at any rate, I'm excited to see pics, and I hope they pose with Zefron so I can force faninohio to look at some JoBros pics! ;)

I'm also enjoying reading the reactions to last night's ep--everyone is all, "Joe? Who knew Joe could be so awesome???" Hee! This is why I enjoy the Joe/Stella scenes, because they play off of each other so well.

Umm...I guess that's all I have for now. Maybe I'll have more on my lunch hour, assuming I can stop playing this addictive Price Is Right game app I downloaded for my i-Phone! LOL!

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I was listening to the radio this morning and Ryan Seacrest was talking about how he can't believe one of the Jonai is getting married and was ranting about how it didn't seem right and he was too young. And I was like.... Ryan Seacrest totally thinks they're gay.

Heheh--well the one who is getting married totally is! Plus, it's Kevin, so nobody cares if he gets married or not! LOL!

But, in all seriousness, I guess maybe to them it doesn't seem too young? Have you ever seen their parents? They're barely into their 40's. I think their mom is like 43, and their dad might be a few years older than that, but not much. I think they got married when they were 18. So looking at that, Kevin's like 21 or 22, so he's a few years behind. I guess he and this girl have been dating for several years, so it's not that sudden, I guess.

Heck, look at Hanson, didn't they all get married when they were all barely 18? Kinda the same thing, I guess.

I have a unique ability to block out anyone who ISN'T one of my TV boyfriends in photo. So post away.

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