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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Jonas Ep 10: Lovesick
chris mens journal
This was the episode I was waiting for, and it's my fave so far...

In this episode, Stella asks Joe to take her to a fashion show, but Joe freaks out and cancels when his brothers start calling it a "date". He tries to make it up to her, but almost has to cancel again. Meanwhile Macy tries to prove she's over her Jonas obsession by accepting a date with a fellow classmate named Randolph....who she then tries to turn into Nick.

Oh, and the "We know, Kevin. We all already know" jokes continue, with Kevin being a cheerleader, and liking women's clothing. LOL!

And lots of Nick bitchface, which I always enjoy. And his "All I said was 'Well'" scene was hilarious! I was cracking up at that whole scene. I love it when Nick is just generally pissy on the show...it's my fave version of Nick.

The part with them revising the Love Sick song cracks me up...why not just sing a song Joe doesn't really sing on?? LOL!

ETA: I updated the links with the HQ version, because you need to watch it HQ to appreciate Joe's mooney eyes!

Also, the preview for next week looks full of Joe/Stella goodness too:

Joe freaking out about Van Dyke, Kevin getting excited about wearing feathers...yup, everything I need in a Jonas episode! Hee!